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Separation is a chance for a new beginning. As soon as we acknowledge our anger, our sorrow, our fears and our helplessness with regards to the dying of our relationship, we can begin anew. This new beginning is founded on whatever was. Our challenge is handling this knowledge with care. For the love of ourselves and of our children. So that we succeed in turning love into friendship.

Separation and divorce are no cure for bad relationships, in no way. Separation is a traumatic experience, the soul crying out with pain: “I cannot carry on like this”.

Until today separation was something to be avoided under all circumstances. So, we stay in the prison of our relationship, also because it feels like home, like something exemplified to us, even if its worse than imagineable.

Separation may be death for what has become meaningless, separation then is not reckless. Aim and object of this book is to reveal a practible feasible way of how “Partners in a crisis” can move towards each other and in the end let go of each other.

There shouldn’t be any losers, losers are not necessary. This book is the gateway to a solution: Separation in love or partnership in love.

It does not wallow in the problem. The solution lies behind the problem. This is an attempt to look through the situation – to the point where I can solve something – to create an option for the present situation.

To let love become friendship. In this book problems are not posed, there is no search for fault and punishment. In this book practicable solutions receive a lot of room. Methods for the solution of your situation are offered. You decide what is good for you. Wittgenstein in Tractatus: "Facts belong to the  assignment, not to the solution. The solution of a problem is evident when the problem has disappeared." 

Separation, divorce, being abandoned or abandoning belong to the worst things we can imagine. A man asked for the worst experience in his life: “The separation from my wife and my children. Yet I couldn’t prevent it …”

Most of us began our relationship with the romantic image of a haven of security, as homeland and a place of refuge. In the beginning we overload our marriages and relationships with expectations and misconceptions in no way relating to reality. However, reality has a different face. Everyday routine has gained ground

That is indeed not the problem of the institution marriage. Our partner problems seem to be connected to our ancestors in a special way.